The Skeltal system is divided in to two parts, the axial which are found in the top of our body and the appendicular skeleton wich is on the bottom of our body.

Kinds of SkeletonEdit

  • Skull-The skull is the bony part of the head
    • Cranium-The cranium protects our brain, it is found on the top part of our skull
    • Mandible-The mandible is the bone in our jaw, it is the part of the facial bones but people just include the mandible
  • Clavicle-The clavicle forms a triangle shape on the back of our shoulder
  • Scapula-The scapula is the bone near to our shoulder
  • Sternum-The sternum is the bone connecting our ribs
  • Ribs-The ribs is like a cage to our heart and lungs
  • Humerus-The humerus is the upper part of our arm
  • Radius-The lower arm is divided into two, the radius is located on the outer side
  • Ulna-The ulna is located in the inner side of the lower part of the arm, it si beside the radius
  • Vertebral Column-The vertebral column is located below the spinal cord
  • Ilium-The ilium is the last part of the axial skeleton, it is located on the top part of the hip bones.
  • Carpals-The carpals is located near our wrist
  • Metacarpals-The metacarpals are located near the carpals
  • Phalanges-The phalanges are located at the end of our hands or foot
  • Sacrum-The sacrum is the tail like on our hips
  • Femur-The femur are the biggest bone in our body and it is located on our legs near our hip bones
  • Patella-The patella is a small bone that connects the femur, tibia and the fibula
  • Tibia-The tibia is the thick part below our femur
  • Fibula-The fibula is the thin part below our femur
  • Tarslas-The tarsals is located near our ankle
  • Metatarsals-The metatarsals are placed near our tarsals


Joints are special bones that connect our skeleton to remain on it's place

  • Ball and Socket joint-Connects shoulder and upper arm
  • Hinge joints-Your elbows and knees are hinge joints
  • Pivot joint-It is located on your neck, it is used when you want to say yes and no without talking
  • Gliding joint-Gliding join allows to move your hand without moving the whole arm
  • Fixed joints-This kind of joints do not move


1) The Skeltal System serves as the framework of our body

2) Our bones protect our vital organs like brain, heart, lungs and many other

3) The bones and muscle allows our body to move

Skeltal DiseasesEdit

  • Hunchback

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